Chrysalis Dolls ButterflyDelivery Presentation

  • Companion Fairy & Guardian Butterfly
  • Wrapped Parent Gift
  • Chrysalis Blanket
  • Display Outfit
  • Magnetic Pacifier
  • Sculptor & Artist COAs

Ellie with her delivery box of goodies.

A variety of babies in their delivery boxes ready to go home.

Chrysalis babies hung by the chimney with care.

Swaddled baby surrounded by Guardian Butterflies and Barefoot Mountain Fairies.

Reborn Flora by sculpter Priscilla Lopez with a very blue themed box packing.

Sleeping baby Laila laying on a quilt with their Magnetic Pacifier and Guardian Butterfly.

Chrysalis Dolls Butterfly What to Expect During Delivery

*Note: Have a cradle, crib or baby seat ready for delivery day.

It's very normal to find your anticipation building as delivery day nears.. When the big day finally arrives, your carrier will trade your bundle of joy for your signature. Don't forget you might want your phone ready since box opening videos are popular. As you begin, the fragrance of lavender pedals and baby powder will fill your senses as the realization of becoming a Reborn parent washes over.

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You will first find the Barefoot Mountain fairy companion with paperwork. Then a gift bag with your baby's magnetic pacifier inside. A wrapped gift - surprise - it's their pajamas. A small bundle of diapers. And their paperwork - artist COA's, birth certificate. Now it's baby time... Carefully unwrap your baby. First finding your baby's guardian butterfly placed as a safeguard during travel. Then the reveal starts. Begin with the feet, pulling the socks off to show each little piggie. Get a quick glance of little hands and fingernails. Now the big moment, seeing your baby's perfect angel face! You won't be able to resist and will have to pick them up. Imagine the amazing moment they melt into your arms and snuggle in with a sweet softness. There is an immediate comfort feeling that is impossible to describe. After a spell, you'll notice that your baby's outfit, butterfly and fairy all correspond. You'll remember their pacifier and find it fits perfectly too.