Cuddle-B's Collection:
Velvety Bear

Birth Information

Status: Adopted 11-9
Genetics: Reborn SOLE Teddi by Marita Winters
Reborn: Michelle Kight
Hair: Michelle Kight
Clothing: Rebecca Redican

Artists: This velvety teddi bear Cuddle-B began his journey just down the road at The Country Cradle and his tan bunting gown comes to us from Rosehaven Nursery.

Cuddle-B's: A new kind of cuddle baby that lovingly combines the skills of artists to bring to life and a fun world of bears, bunnies and bees... oh my!

Box Opening

Quoddle Bottle, tailor made and one of a kind designed velvety tan bunting gown with hat and matching Chrysalis Butterfly, Bib pacifier (for display), magnetic pacifier (for use), pacifier clip, extra diapers, candy surprise, lavender sachet, COA's and Birth Certificate 

Reserve for only $150

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 Where to Find Me

Chrysalis Meadows
Dollyland, Arkansas
Scenic Ozarks, US