Cuddle-B's Collection:
Winter Princess Bear

Birth Information

Status: Available
Genetics: Reborn SOLE Teddi by Marita Winters
Reborn: Michelle Kight
Hair: Michelle Kight
Clothing: Rebecca Redican

Artists: This princess teddi bear Cuddle-B began her journey just down the road at The Country Cradle and her white gown comes to us from Rosehaven Nursery.

Cuddle-B's: A new kind of cuddle baby that lovingly combines the skills of artists to bring to life and a fun world of bears, bunnies and bees... oh my!

Box Opening

One of a kind tailor made plush white bunting gown with hat and matching Chrysalis Butterfly, magnetic pacifier, pacifier clip, extra diapers, candy surprise, lavender sachet, COA's and Birth Certificate 

Reserve for only $150

Adoption Fee - $695

Price inludes $25 USD towards shipping.

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Your new baby waits in the meadow

 Where to Find Me

Chrysalis Meadows
Dollyland, Arkansas
Scenic Ozarks, US