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The Reborn Community is always growing and embracing newbies.

Reborn Babies span the globe, cover all ages, work in therapy, role play with parents, appear in movies & theater, are valued as art collections, and star on social media.

Reborns have little feet and tiny toes...

And hands with delicate fingers to hold...

They can be quiet and peaceful...

Or awake and irresistible...

They can be shy but playful...
And even... retro-fashionable!
Reborn collectors have a wide array of personal reasons for be attracted to the art. One example would be the 'in memory of' and portrait babies which are often created to help parents cope with loss and the on-going struggle they have with grief. Other examples range from couples that collect Reborns together, to those designating a room in their home as a Reborn nursery. Reborns can be dressed in actual baby clothes with real accessories and many collectors enjoy shopping for their baby. Can you say garage sale time?! Reborn Dolls can be seen on YouTube role playing at home, hanging with siblings at the beach and going for stroller rides in the park. Reborns can be seen celebrating every season in holiday outfits, wearing sporting attire and gear while cheering on their family's favorite team and even keeping a past gone by era alive by dressing up in retro apperal. Parents find the Reborn Community and social aspects of collecting a huge draw to the art.
A properly painted, weighted and assembled Reborn Doll can help a person coping with traumatic loss, abuse or someone experiencing bouts of deep sadness. The therapeutic effect of holding a Reborn Baby relieves stress, calms nerves and aids in the treatment of a wide range of physical and mental health conditions. Similarly, research shows that therapy dolls (factory painted) are a nonpharmacological management strategy that helps with the overall wellbeing of persons suffering with Alzeimer's and dementia. These studies prove through numerous anecdotal evidences that doll therapy reduces anxiety, obsessiveness, agitation, and negative verbal expressions all while increasing happiness, activity levels, social interaction and overall mood. *NOTE: Therapy is always very individual and what works for one person may not for another. Therapy dolls are considerably less expensive than Reborn Dolls and might be a better place to start.
Usually you can check the serial number on the back of a the baby's neck. Some things are considered opinion so it can be tricky when identifing what is real and what is not. In the case of a possible Meadow Baby sighting, the best way to tell is to give it a small pinch. No matter how real it looks, if it squeals or cries it is not from the Chrysalis Meadow.
Chrysalis babies are delivered home safely by their Guardian Butterflies and...
Chrysalis Reborn babies currently range between $900 for a sleeping baby and up to $3500 for the rarest SOLE. This includes the Pod Nursery Experience, Adoption Meadow Photography session, Special Delivery Ensemble, Guardian Butterfly, offical paperwork, continental travel expenses, plus more. Check the Inspiration Pods in the Nursery for more information.
The Reborn medium is vinyl, which is generally easier to paint and maintain. Silicone babies are much more expensive and are also much more fragile, especially with rooted hair. Why would someone prefer a silicone? Most usually it is because a Reborn is in several pieces held together by a cloth body and a silicone is all in one piece. If you are unfamiliar with ths aspect of Reborns, most questions will be quickly answered by heading over to Gallery Hall and visiting the Powder Room. *Note: Silicone dolls are generally not recommended for newbies due to their premium cost and varying quality range.
From one to another who is to say. There are a number of really good artist in a variety of categories who paint with differing styles. Look around and see who fits your fancy. Are you looking for an alternative or specific ethnicity, more newborn, more toddler, rooted or painted hair, what about the social community and on going experience, are you looking for high-end photographic quality or something for an older child to own, and what about the all important box opening? Each artist tends to have their own spin on the world of Reborns.
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The Meadow Team is basically the two of us with a few magical fairy helpers. We are lucky enough to have gardening parents caring for the meadow and children that bring energy, imagination and fun. Then there is the tremendous support from our Chrysalis Doll Family who are always posting videos, pictures and amusing comments.

The "Virtual Meadow" is a labor of love, dedicated to the Reborn Community and all lovers of art. Since we live edit, you might notice strange things happening when you visit. Usually if you give it a meadow moment and then refresh all will be back in order. Our Meadow mission is to showcase the amazing painting process behind Reborn dolls while at the same time contributing to the evolving art of Reborn photography. Always glad you stopped by, come back anytime!   -Darryl

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Reborn babies are the world's most realistic dolls. Chrysalis dolls are authentic reborns.

What is a reborn. Reborn babies are the world's most realistic dolls. Chrysalis dolls are authentic reborns.