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 Chrysalis Specialties 

E very parent dreams of that perfect baby that fills their life with joy. When you become part of the Chrysalis Meadow story you are joining a special Reborn family. One where every baby is unique and created just for you.

The Meadow takes special pride in granting as many wishes as possible when working with parents and making their dream babies come true. Want to dream together? I love working with parents! My contact information is at the bottom of every page when you are ready.  

Ethnic Skin Tones

Ethnic painted dolls take more time to meticulously create the additional layers of color and shading required to achieve a variety of diverse skin tones. One of my favorite goals has always been to offer dolls to a world of collectors who are wanting to build a diverse array of reborns. I often have clients send me their own baby pictures and I am able to use these methods to match their specific coloration, hair style and birth marks. There are many examples in the Forver Gallery but Saskia is my favorite.

Painted Baby Locks

I have heard from collectors and other reborn artists that dolls with painted hair are highly desirable and a growing trend since they are easier to maintain and often more realistic. I pride myself by creating painted hair that surely fools the eye with a wide variety of hair styles. Each painted hair style gives every baby it's own unique personality without the fuss and fragility that rooted hair presents. With regular attention, rooted hair is also a great decision and an amazing look. Again, Saskia is a great example.

Dream Baby Vision

There are two types of reborn dolls available for adoption. Those made by my own inspirations and those inspired by the parents. Dolls inspired by me are frequently availible in the Adoption Meadow. If you are one of the many parents that would love for me to create a custom doll for you then let me know! You can text/email/call me in the contact portion on every page. We can discuss your dream baby vision and completion timeframe, along with cost and payment plan.

Premium Quality

All of Chrysalis Dolls are brought to life with Genesis heat set oil paints using numerous layers to create vivid, extreme depth. They are also triple matte varnished to protect them through generations of time. From the premium hand-made German glass eyes, authentic angora mohair, fine glass beads and angel silk filling, to the expertly waited premium cloth bodies, every element and technique is carefully selected to be of the highest quality and performance available.

Fine Details

From the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes not a single nuance is missed. Years of study in the process of using ultra thin layering teqniques create the sotly featured undertones, overtones, veins and cappilaries that subtlety appear under real skin. The blushing, blemishes, finely painted eyebrows, naturally colored lips, trimmed finger and toenails are painstakingly painted on every one of the babies.

Always on My Mind

I am always available for customer service by keeping in close contact with parents throughout the entire process, answering all questions quickly and sending progress pictures. I like to let each parent know how special their baby is to me and how important they are as well. The many Chrysalis parents are priority one since without them there would be no babies to bring to life and no Meadow. 

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