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 Design Your Dream Baby 

Your Choices Make the Difference...
From the hair type to the skin & eye color the two Saskia boys in the above picture show how your choices make the difference.

The Personal Touch is in the Details...
There are many details to consider when designing your dream baby. Add your own personal touch from a world of possibilities.

 Hair Types and Styles 

Rosie Locks Rooted Hair System
The Chrysalis babies with rooted hair most often have Rosie Locks. This signature series offers durable, versatile and worry free styling. Features include: directional growth pattern, crown, top mop, curls, and a hair line that frames the face.

Quality & Craftmanship Counts...
High-end angora mohair provides a large assortment of colors and textures that always remains silky, manageable and baby soft. This rooting method has been in development for twenty years and I am very excited to be offering it.

 Chrysalis Painted Hair 

This very popular option offers hundreds of fuss-free styles that always perfectly stay in place.

Saskia - Brunette

Saskia - Blonde

Skya - Sparse Brunette

Skya - Ethnic Brunette

Tobia - Curly & Dark

Tobia - Strawberry Blonde

Laila - Ethnic Brunette

Lavender - Ethnic Brunette

Joseph - Sparse Medium Brown

Maddie - Wavy & Dark

Robin - Wet & Dark Brown

Evie - Ethnic Brunette

Tony - Soft Light Brown

 Bringing Your Baby To Life 

Some important details to consider when bringing your baby to life include: skin tone, eye color, eye brows, pierced ears, beauty marks/birth marks, magnetic hair bow, magnetic pacifier, eyelashes, even a heart beat...

From the mouths of babes...
You can have painted or rooted eyelashes and even both. Their face and nose can have baby blemishes, stork bites, or scratches. Mouths can have wet lips and teeth.

Over 100 Layers in Every Skin Tone...
Set the tone for your baby and get as detailed as you want by choosing light to heavy mottling, strength of veining and even send a picture for color matching.

3 Month Joseph Asleep
As shown: Light brown painted hair and a rosey infant complexion with baby blemishes. Be on the lookout for Joseph Awake...

Realborn Darren
As shown: Blonde painted hair, newborn complexion with a birth mark on his neck, stork bites, and facial peach fuzz.

 A World of Possibilities 

Reborn Abigail Reborn Liam Reborn Penny Reborn Grant

3 Month Joseph Awake
As shown: He has a full body torso making dressing and posing lots of fun.

Newborn Esme
As shown: She is a Rare SOLE and has a full, anatomically correct body torso.

Vintage Style
Teegan features a half torso with full neck, dark brown eyes, wet looking lips and painted teeth.

Traditional Style
This playful toddler also features straight painted hair & eyebrows with a lighter Asian skin tone.

 Three Little Baby Steps! 

1    Choose Kit Type

Choosing a kit is easy! If you have not already, head to the Meadow and Gallery pages to see many examples. You can also contact me about additional scuplts.

2    Choose Skin, Hair, Eye Color

Choose from a full palate of skin tones and hair styles. Awake babies feature authentic German glass with colors like newborn blue, brown, hazel or natural blue.

3    Choose Accessories

Don't forget to visit the Baby Boutique. We are always adding to the layette choices. Currently there are options for Playtime, Sleepytime, Vintage, Traditional, and Fancy.

Kits In Stock 
While just about any kit can be used, here are some currently in stock: Alexia, Charlotte, Cloe Blick, Coco-Malu, Evangeline, First Edition Abigail, First Edition Journey, First Edition Saskia, Greta, Gurdey, Lou Lou, Luciano, Luv Buggy, Maizie, Penny Blick, Raleigh, Raven, Saskia, Sunny, Tobia, Tutti

Introducing the Baby Exchange Program 
We are now offering a baby exchange program where parents can get up to $200 U.S. credit towards the adoption of a new baby.

Contact me and book your baby today!

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Completion timeframes vary depending on current waiting list.
Schedule your new baby today! My Contact information is at the bottom of page.

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Adopt your new baby today for $150 and setup a payment plan based around completion timeframe.

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