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 Tale of the Meadow 

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M y name is Mandy Marks. My passion as an artist is creating life-like, hyper-real Reborns ranging in age from preemies to toddlers. This website was designed with all doll enthusiasts in mind and I would like to give a personal welcome and thank you for your visit.

Most visitors are here to find out who's available for immediate adoption in the Meadow this week and to go see the thousands of baby pictures hanging on the Gallery walls, but there's so much more to do... create a Custom baby, peruse the baby Boutique, immerse in the Box Opening experience or even read Meadow History...

Specialties & Services

 Chrysalis Specialties 

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I have been perfecting techniques for nearly two decades and I'm always discovering new ways to bring all varieties and cultures of babies to life while enhancing every step of the adoption experience.

The Meadow is known far and wide for a number of specialty services in the reborn community including; ethnic dolls, hair painting, custom babies, hyper-realism, premium quality, and of course, stellar service. Even so, future parents often have questions and specialty requests...  

Meadow & Gallery

 Baby Pictures 

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A doption Meadow and Forever Gallery... All babies born in the Chrysalis Meadow soon find themselves in the Adoption Meadow. After a short frolic showing off, they head to the Forever Gallery to join their brothers and sisters. Future parents enjoy taking an empty stroller through the gallery as they dream... Park your pram and I'll explain my favorite part of the story.

Just imagine this glorious picture; the entire Meadow is a buzz with a brand-spanking-new baby getting all dressed up for their portrait day. Snap... snap... Everyone cheers the tiny tot on from the Gallery walls, excited another baby is born into the world! The Meadow Fairies recommend baby cuteness overload by flying around and zooming into each detail from their clothes and toys to every nook, cranny and dimple.  

Custom & Inspiration

 Born to be Unique 

Reborn Maizie Reborn Liam Reborn Penny Reborn Tobia

L ots of parents are always stopping by and checking the Adoption Meadow until they find the perfect Inspiration Baby to bring home since the babies are emerging from the Chrysalis Meadows all the time.

Other moms and dads have dreams of their very own babies. Bringing a parent's dream baby to life is a particularly magical Chrysalis Specialty. Your choices make the difference by adding your own personal touches and desires to their faces.

Clothing, Toys and More

 Accessory Shop 

Reborn Grayson Reborn Teegan Reborn Darren Reborn Tori

T he timeless photography in the Forever Gallery hints to a time gone by. The longer you visit, the more you'll notice that vintage clothes and toys are a theme.

Babies come home with a variety of items from the contemporary to the truly vintage. Meadow Fairies wish boys and girls bon voyage with a Sleepytime or Playtime layette, often with vintage items as well.

Your Adventure Begins

 Box Openings 

Box Opening Layette Box Opening Layette Box Opening Layette Box Opening Layette

T he story continues with new adventures everyday... Friends on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are always keeping-up with each Inspiration Baby's work in progress pictures as they come to life in the Chrysalis Meadow. They sometimes even adopt a baby before they are born. One Chrysalis secret is that the Meadow Fairies love to debut babies in the Adoption Meadow on the weekend, especially Sundays. This is so everyone has the best chance to see them.

Expecting parents send announcements when their baby is immerging from the Chrysalis Meadow. Family and friends share in the excitement as they watch the work in progress. The entire event culminates with the release of the baby's meadow portraits. No feeling compares to the arrival of a new baby and Box Opening day. That's when parents write the next chapters of this fairy tale with their own stories. You can experience box openings and see what adopted babies are doing with their new families in Meadow Buzz.

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