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Story of Chrysalis Dolls

One's Art and Soul

Growing up, creativity was my closest companion. That friendship gave me; an artistic background, a love of vintage baby toys and oddities, the reason to find Reborn Painting. Which I discovered over twenty years ago during the art's infancy. Reborning allows me to use my artistic skills to create a balance between real and art, which I find meditative.
                Chrysalis Dolls Butterfly Mandy

Two Art Together

Watch Mandy for a bit and you'll realize that Chrysalis Dolls isn't a simple nine-to-five effort. Providing a life-changing, interactive art experience to the world takes full time and then some. She requires a sidekick. That's where I come in. We are now in our sixth year of Reborning together. I'm her prep artist, husband, and website guy... Probably in that order.
                Chrysalis Dolls Butterfly Darryl

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Black and white selfie photo of Mandy and Darryl.

Pictures and Posting

Chrysalis Dolls Butterfly From the moment we start painting, we are also snapping shots. We have taken hundreds of images of the babies before they are ever delivered to their new homes. This helps us during the painting process insure that every baby is picture-perfect. It also gives us plenty of content to share with doll enthusiasts everywhere. You can follow our work on Instagram and Facebook. We are always posting content like Stories, Reels, WIP Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays, and Weekly Adoption Updates.

Our Chrysalis Family

Chrysalis Dolls Butterfly By adopting one of our babies you are joining an ever-growing community of avid art doll collectors.

What is a Chrysalis Doll?

Chrysalis Dolls Butterfly Chrysalis Dolls are 3-D canvas oil paintings that are double artist painted, therapy weighted, pose-ability fluff-filled, and delivered with style. Mandy even gives them side kicks. She loves a good theme.


Artist Experience


Authentic Reborns


Highest Quality


Happy Parents

Chrysalis Dolls ButterflyTestimonials

Purchasing Chrysalis Dolls continues to be a very joyful and uplifting experience for me. Mandy and Darryl are extremely courteous, kind, and easy to work with. Each doll is a phenomenal work of art.

Reborn Tobia with his blue Barefoot Mountain Fairy.


Bobby's Mom

Huge THANK YOU to Chrysalis Dolls for sharing your magnificent artistry through the reborn dolls. I've purchased more than 20 dolls and each one has been mind blowing. The talent, paired with the beautiful presentations are top notch and I highly recommend Chrysalis Dolls.

Reborn Laura alseep in a bear hat with ears.


Sunny's Mom

I have purchased over 20 reborn dolls from Mandy and Darryl. Each doll is made with such attention to detail and incredible quality. Each baby comes home with an amazing presentation that makes you feel like you are truly getting a newborn baby home from the hospital. It is a feeling that NEVER GETS OLD. Even after all of the babies I have adopted, they somehow make each baby feel like the very first one!

Reborn Ellie looking up with her big blue eyes.


Eleanor's Mom

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and joy for allowing me to adopt Pickle. Your artistry and talent have brought so much happiness into my life, and I am truly impressed by the love and care you put into your work. Thank you for creating such a special companion for me.

Sleepy Reborn Pickle with pink hair bow.


Pickle's Mom

Mandy is such an amazing artist. The details she puts into each one of these dolls is just beautiful…..I now have 15 and look forward to adding on to my collection. Thank you Mandy for your hard work and dedication to this art . Your beautiful dolls have brought much joy …..

Addy reaching toward camera with binky in his mouth.


Addy's Mom

Chrysalis Dolls ButterflyProcess

Our Method & Style

Darryl - Foundation & Understructure


Each vinyl has its own hues requiring light color washes to neutralize the base canvas before we begin adding layers. We also paint under 5400 Kelvin lights. These steps help us achieve a natural look in warm to cool lighting conditions.

Warm to cool, achieving a tonal balance helps our dolls look good and photograph well throughout the color spectrum.

After neutralizing, it's on to all underlying details such as creasing, shade mottling, shadow veins, base black point, blushing... Basically, I paint what's under the skin before Mandy masterfully paints what's on top. It's the perfect job for me. Those who know me all seem to agree too. They tell me when it comes to getting under the skin, I'm really good at it... Probably a compliment.

Darryl's Cool Fact:  The lighter skin tones transition into the darker skin tones as additional layers are applied. Peach transitions into sandy, rose transitions into cinnamon and olive transitions into cocoa.

Mandy - Personality & Master Detailing

Skin Toning

I alternate light and dark color washes on the foundation to build the skin tone. This part of the process evolves slowly but makes smooth, transitional shading and depth. Since they must dry between layer applications, darker skin tones can take several weeks to complete.

Uniquely Styled, each doll's painted hair is created from multi-layers of shading, color and finite details along with thousands of independently painted hair strands, like the fine lanugo around the hair line. It is my favorite part of the process because it is when each baby's personality really begins to sparkle.

Chrysalis Dolls ButterflyPortfolio

Our Gallery of Pictures

Featured Babies:

  • All
  • Asleep
  • Awake
  • Group
Reborn Rosalie is sleeping wrapped in a white blanket with blackground.

Reborn Rosalie

Reborn Jupiter wearing handmade vintage dress and excited about a personal birthday cake.

Reborn Jupiter

Reborn Ellie wearing a white shirt with her yellow sunflower Guardian Butterfly and matcing bee hair bow.

Reborn Ellie

Realborn Christopher sleeping in a white and yellow vintage robe.

Realborn Christopher

Reborn Laura is sleeping while dressed in a pink tutu and matching flower head band.

Reborn Laura

Realborn Priscilla sleeping in a yellow and white vintage gown.

Realborn Priscilla

Left to Right: June, Anna, Laila, Daphne, Alyssa and Mary. All are Realborns with a rose skin tone.

June, Anna, Laila, Daphne, Alyssa and Mary

June, Anna, Laila
Daphne, Alyssa, and Mary

Left to Right: Twin A & B with peach skin tone, Quinlyn with a rose skin tone, Levi with a cinnamon skin tone and Laura with a olive skin tone. All five Reborns sculpted by Bonnie Brown

Twin A & B, Quinlyn, Levi and Laura

Twin A & B, Quinlyn
Levi and Laura

Left to Right: Saskia has cocoa skin tone & dewy finish - sculpt by Bonnie Brown, Prototype Ronin has a peach skin tone - sculpt by Laura Tuzio Ross, Coltan Blu has a cinnamon skin tone and curly hair - sculpt by Jorja Pigott, Estella is a SOLE with cinnamon skin tone - sculpt by Cassie (Brace) Love, Maddie is a Chubby Bubby club member with sandy skin - sculpt by Bonnie Brown, Ellie is a LE with olive skin - sculpt by Irina Kaplanskaya.

Saskia, Ronin, Cotan Blue, Estella, Maddie & Ellie

Saskia, Ronin, Cotan Blue
Estella, Maddie & Ellie

Chrysalis Dolls ButterflyBaby Stats

Preemie or Newborn0-3 or 3-6 Months
Cocoa, Cinnamon, SandyOlive, Rose, Peach
Limited EditionSOLE
In the Chubby Bubby Club15%
Brown HairGinger or Blonde
Have a Body Plate 20%
Have a Magnetic Pacifier100%

Chrysalis Dolls ButterflyAdoption Meadow

♡ Your Baby is Waiting
in the Meadow ♡

♡ Your Baby is Waiting in the Meadow ♡

Package Presentation

What To Expect During Delivery:

  • Companion Fairy
  • Guardian Butterfly
  • Chrysalis Blanket
  • Display Outfit
  • Magnetic Pacifier
  • Sculptor COA
  • Artist COA
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Chrysalis Dolls ButterflyQ & A


A concern regarding paint quality might come up when evaluating Reborn artists. We want to assure you that we dedicate the same time and techniques to all of our dolls. We would love for you to adopt one of our babies but also would like to point out that there are many fantastic Reborn painters with a variety of amazing styles. We believe that when adopting, it is most important to choose a baby that speaks to your heart.

We ship out priority once a week.

Priority shipping is usually 2-3 days within U.S. from our location.

You should be expecting your package arrival to be fully insured with carrier and a signature being required.

Silicone is a man-made rubber-like, jiggly substance that produces a lint-magnet, gel-fragile baby. They have a floppy possibility of pose-ability and can't be therapeutically weighted or fluffed accurately.

Vinyl is a synthetic smooth and firm material that produces a sturdy baby with a high possibility of pose-ability and a body that can be therapeutically fluffed, stuffed, and weighted in all the right places.

Our Collectors want more than just a display doll. Plenty of photography sessions, fashion moments, and therapeutic time are also essential qualities... And don't forget about doll collecting! Our Chrysalis Family of collectors love adopting babies. We want to remain in a price range that helps collectors build their collections. Comparable silicone dolls range in price several times higher than our vinyl ones, making them 3 to 4 times more expensive.

So, why are our babies vinyl and not silicone?

More Durable
More Poseable
More Therapeutic
More Affordable

*Full transparency, we love all doll art and some of the best examples are silicone. Depending on the collector and situation, silicone is sometimes a better fit than vinyl.

A Reborn is a sculpt and a Realborn is a scan.

They are very close siblings. Reborns were first and are a baby sculpted by an artist. Realborns followed and are a 3-D scan of a real baby. And yes, a Realborn is considered a type of Reborn, but not in reverse.

In short, these all have to do with the Edition.

Prototype:  Before a Reborn edition is available, the sculptor chooses a few artists to paint a prototype. The pictures from these babies are then used on the COA and serve as examples. The number of prototypes available for each edition is a handful or less.

Endless:  As the name implies, an endless edition has no plans to be discontinued. While it is true that many endless editions continue to be made, others have had production halted.

Limited and SOLE:  A Limited Edition has a set number to be produced. Once a Limited Edition is no longer available, it becomes a Sold Out Limited Edition. Edition sizes vary from a few hundred to several thousand. Occasionally, a SOLE is brought back to production as a non-numbered endless edition.

Our current Reborn adoption price range is from $895 to $2,795 U.S. Currency.

Hyperrealism takes time. Each baby requires forty or more paint hours. At the same time, we respect how hard you work too. That is why we are committed to pricing our Reborns responsibly.

Currently, Realborns start at just $895 and Reborns begin under 1K too at $995.

Keep an eye out, we sometimes have weekend and holiday sales.

Also, we occasionally have a Chrysalis Cuddle Baby available and they currently start at only $595.

'The Dolls of Chrysalis Meadows' has been simply Chrysalis Dolls for years now. Even so, there is always be a bit of Meadow Magic in everything we do!

High inquiry volume. Our days are spent mostly painting, with occasional breaks to check and respond to messages. This policy works best since we always have babies available for adoption and delivery to Reborn collectors around the world.