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Cuddle Bees, Bears and Bunnies… Oh, my!

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The Inspiration

Let's consider cuddle babies for a moment. They have a great cuddle factor but are still in their infancy. Parents often complain about the three L's… Long, Lanky, Limbs that flop around embarrassingly, especially around family and friends. Parents also tend to have difficulty with the three T's… Cuddles often have a condition referred to as the Terrible Torso Tube. While there are many sides to this disorder, it is typically characterized as a brick like body shape that doesn't sit well or behave in your arms. Then there's the problem with their unmentionables constantly showing. All cuddle parents struggle with squirmy babies whose clothes never fit correctly and hence their birthday suits are always showing. But all that is about to change… Announcing the Cuddle-B Factor – An entirely new generation of cuddle babies!

New Generation

Cuddle-B's are a new generation of cuddle babies built for the age of acceptance. They are individual works of art - born from 3 or more artist's work and brought to life by Meadow Magic. Their redesigned bodies & limbs are shaped to cradle in your arms and they come with fabrics that absorb warmth from you and warm you back. The therapeutic weighting system has similar benefits to weighted blankets. The theme based layette ensemble all cuddle-b's come with have hand tailored, custom created protective outfits that are made with fabrics that can help with sensory issues. B'cause they have the warmth of a cat in the lap and the sweetness of a puppy dreaming, B'cause they bridge artists together, B'cause they love the sunshine, B'cause posable and highly photogenic, B'cause all collections need at least one.

Babies are 19" to 22" and weigh 4.5 lbs to 5.5 lbs. Their posable limbs and shaped body easily dress in regular size newborn to 3 month clothes. Interested in adoption? Contact for more pics, additional info or to make payment arrangements.

Cuddle-B's in Clothes #1 Example

Cuddle-B's in Clothes #2 Example

Cuddle-B's Body Example

Layette Ensemble Example


Meet Our Artist Friends

It takes a village to grow Cuddle-B's

Saint Cloud Nursery


I am an accidental reborn artist. I studied at the California College of Art majoring in sculpture. I write and illustrate Children's books from my studio Elevenmorning in Northern California. Some of the most amazing humans on the planet call me Mom and that is the best part of my life. Saint Cloud is my happy place. I have been painting babies for about three years. My babies have been used in memory homes, childbirth education classes, in therapists offices, and in a few films and in print media. I like the idea of putting them out there and seeing who falls in love with them. Never in a million years did I think I would be doing this... and it is awesome.

Country Cradle

See available baby bear siblings


My name is Michelle W. Kight. My nursery name is Michelle's Country Cradle. I have been a reborn artist since 2011. In 2018 I found my love for silicone! I am also a collector of reborns and silicones. I have always had a love for dolls and babies. Painting the babies helped fill the nest as my four babies grew up and began to leave home. I have been married for 34 years and have a wonderful Christian husband. I am blessed to be a mother of 4 awesome grown children and grandmother to 5 amazing grandchildren. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for blessing me with this art. Without Him I could do nothing!

I am blessed to have met some awesome people during this journey. My heart is grateful for you all!! From my cradle to yours!

Vintage Fawn Nursery


I've been reborning for over six years. I am a homemaker with two fur daughters, Bailey and Zoe. I have four adult children and one granddaughter. I enjoy spending time with my husband, thrift shopping, and collecting vintage kitsch. I can be found on Instagram at vintagefawnnursery and on Facebook at Vintage Fawn Nursery.

Rosehaven Nursery

Bio (by Mandy)

Rebecca has been my across the street neighbor for several years. When she first introduced herself, I discovered that she is a reborn artist as well and has been creating the dolls for almost two decades. We have become very close friends and often work together at each other's studios on our own dolls, as well as collaboration projects. Rebecca makes all of the handmade parts of Chrysalis Layettes and the doll bodies and buntings for the Cuddle B's line. It's fun to work with Rebecca because we share a lot of ideas and inspirations.


 Recently Adopted 

Peaches the Bear

Status: Adopted
Genetics: Realborn Newborn June Asleep
Reborn Artist: Mandy Marks
Hair: Mandy Marks
Clothing & Body Artist: Rebecca Redican

Story: This baby loves to eat, sleep and snuggle.

Adoption Fee: $645

Winter Princess

Status: Adopted
Genetics: Realborn Laila
Reborn Artist: Rebecca Redican
Hair: Rebecca Redican
Clothing & Body Artist: Rebecca Redican

Story: This baby loves to eat, sleep and snuggle.

Adoption Fee: $645

Wooly Bunny

Status: Adopted
Genetics: Realborn Michael
Artist: Mandy Marks
Hair: Rebecca Redican
Clothing & Body Artist: Rebecca Redican

Story: One early fall day this fast, wild and wooly little hare was welcomed into the Meadow. Playful in nature this little buddy is hard to catch, impossible to put down and will never leave your side.

Adoption Fee: $645

Bat Baby

Status: Adopted
Genetics: Realborn Dominic
Artist: Ami Taylor
Hair & Turned: Chrysalis Meadow
Clothing & Body Artist: Rebecca Redican

Story: Sometimes a journey into the Meadow can be a treacherous and peril-filled one. Ami "The Fawn Fairy" recently sent her precious baby to be born in the Meadow but somewhere along the way a bittersweet nibble and a twisted turn of events birthed a different kind of baby. Be careful, this little darling will sink its teeth right into your heart.

Adoption Fee: $645

Winter Bear

Status: Adopted
Genetics: Reborn SOLE Teddi by Marita Winters
Artist: Michelle Kight
Hair: Michelle Kight
Clothing & Body Artist: Rebecca Redican

Story: Sometimes the best things come in twos. All the way from The Country Cradle comes the tale of two little Teddi bear siblings. This winter fur white fabric has "just right" softness and squeezability for endless hours of hugging. Adoption Fee: $695

Realborn Kimberly | Artist Marks

Realborn jaycee | Artist Mandy Marks

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