The Story

 Tale of the Meadow 

O nce upon a time...
The love for dolls began with visits to my Grandmother’s house. She collected dolls, taking me to antique shops, garage sales and flea markets. One special outing we found my first collectible doll. A Shirley Temple doll that I still have today. Fast forward in the story a bit to when I found a fascination for antique doll restoration. A passion that quickly evolved into the repainting of all dolls including Barbie repaints, which just so happens to be the roots of reborn dolls.

 Originally the meadow was called Baby’s Breath Reborns but during a difficult transition in my life I decided to change the name. A dear friend who has since passed on from leukemia recommended using the word chrysalis since it represents a metamorphosis and new life. The memories of both my grandmother and friend not only influence a huge part of what I do but their spirits live on in every baby born into the Chrysalis Meadow. It is my desire and hope that all my dolls will be passed down for generations to come, becoming part of their new family's lore.

   One-of-a-Kind Dolls

My passion is creating heirloom quality dolls that appeal to a vast variety of people. With every paint stroke, the vision of a new baby moves towards becoming it's own individual work of art. You will find the latest babies available in the Adoption Meadow. Every baby gets a photo session, then the pictures are displayed in the Meadow as they greet the world. After a short while, the babies pictures are permanently place on the walls of the Forever Gallery.

   Therapeutic Benefits

Not only are these babies appealing to collectors, they also serve as therapy to many different people. Holding a baby is one of the most peaceful feelings and I have personally witnessed many times how they help with anxiety, loneliness and loss. They are currently being utilized in schools, nursing homes and hospitals. I also have several autistic clients. Reborns have a life improving impact on people and often serve as a specific niche benefit.

   Box Openings

The presentation of my dolls is like a baby shower and birthday party in a box! Your baby will be carefully and thoughtfully wrapped with care and will be packed with many lovely items to make the experience special and exciting. The new family addition comes from a non-smoking nursery and will come home to you smelling as sweet as a baby should.


Every doll comes with a personalized birth certificate, documentation of authenticity signd by me and a full care instruction packet. Expectant parents will also be excited to know that their precious little bundles now come with professional full color portraits to begin their collection of memories.

 Please Bug Me!

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Your new baby waits in the meadow

 Where to Find Me

Chrysalis Meadows
Dollyland, Arkansas
Scenic Ozarks, US